This Is How to Write a Good Dental School Personal Statement

This Is How to Write a Good Dental School Personal Statement

If you dream of serving your community as a dentist, you’ll need to enroll into a respective higher education program and provide certain documents to the committee. One of them is your dental school personal statement, which helps grab the interest of the admissions committee.

A personal statement is an important addition to a resume. It is a short autobiography where you tell about your accomplishments and skills personally. Writing a nice dental school personal statement in time might be difficult. So, let us find out how to write such personal statements and stories and how to make them perfect!

What to include in your personal statement for dental school

When you get a diploma and start looking for a job, you’ll need to present yourself to a potential employer who will read your dental statement first and only after that, invite you to a job interview. Therefore the key point is selling yourself, showcasing strong traits of your personality and explaining why you are worthy of consideration. Unrelated information should be excluded and the overall text must not be too wordy.

What makes a good personal statement for dental school

There are some factors that help you stay noticed and some which can lessen the chance to get accepted. The reader has to find all the important details about your life in your other application documents. Therefore, you have to link each skill, ability, and experience to the main idea of your paper. In short:

  • Clear self-presentation points
  • Simple structure
  • Less quotes and clichés
  • Avoid exaggeration and open bragging

How long is dental school personal statement

The top recommendation is to be brief yet concise for this kind of program. Standard requirements might vary from 200 to 500 words, or 2 pages (or an equivalent number of letters / characters without spaces), but it does not mean you’re obliged to take all this volume within the given time. The primary goal is to present yourself properly, so ‘the bigger the better’ does not work in this case.

What to write for dental school personal statement?

Who are you?

Some medical colleges want to see your ability to tell about yourself. The assignment may sound like this: “Describe where you see yourself in ten years and how you will get there.” Be brief, just pick important qualities and link them to the main topic – your future plans.

Why did you choose us?

Write about your mission and explain how you have made a choice concerning your career and why you apply to this particular higher educational establishment. Share your goals, show that you’re a determined person with a commitment to this dental school. Colleges like committed students with a passion for studying.

Any other creative question

Some institutions want a little more than your introduction. They’ll ask creative questions to see how you can handle unordinary assignments. You should remember to stay within the limits of what is relevant to the course you are applying for and your future profession. Try to impress your reader while keeping the text concise.

Dental school personal statement examples accepted by committees

How I became a purposeful dentistry applicant – one of the typical stories establish contact with the admissions

My interest in the dentistry field has appeared not very long ago. After one of my relatives has got serious problems with teeth, I started reading specialized literature on the subject and eventually grasped the basics of common knowledge about this area of healthcare.

Having graduated from high school with a diploma with honors, I have obtained some related skills in basic chemistry, first aid services, microbiology and anatomy (the list is attached). I have some volunteering experience in the paramedical field and also have attended a couple of dentistry related trainings in my hometown.

My current goal is to become a leading dentist and serve the community of our town which has a serious lack of available specialists at the time. Applying to this college is the crucial first step for me in that program.

Finding my place as a helper to society – another example of stories written with a minimum of characters

I have never thought about choosing my career path anywhere close to the healthcare field, but an occasion two years ago has changed my mind. A minor head trauma during a volleyball match has almost left me without two teeth, I felt they were literally hanging on skin strips. But the quick reaction of our local dentist helped to fix them perfectly.

Since then, I have been spending a lot of time for specialized literature on medicine, anatomy, and dentistry because I saw it as a valuable career option to serve the community in this very challenging sphere. Despite the rapid progress in technology and chemistry people’s teeth come across more and more problems due to water and air pollution, food and drink quality, the stress of modern life, etc.

My goal is to make a contribution to solving these problems and that is why I am applying to this dentistry school.

Final words

The way you end your statement also matters. It is required for any student wishing to be noticed and enrolled in the higher educational establishment of their dreams. Try to put yourself in the shoes of an admission committee member. Find how to catch their attention or make them smile with your paper.

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