How to Write a Convincing Personal Statement for Law School - 3 Killer Examples

How to Write a Convincing Personal Statement for Law School - 3 Killer Examples
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write a Convincing Personal Statement for Law School - 3 Killer Examples
  2. Why is personal statement important?
  3. How to write a great personal statement for law school: Pro tips
  4. Consider the requirements of the particular law school
  5. Show your personality
  6. A personal statement is not a resume
  7. How to Pick a Topic for a Law School Personal Statement?
  8. What you should include and avoid in a law school personal statement
  9. Things to include into personal statements:
  10. Things to avoid in personal statements:
  11. How long should a personal statement for law school be?
  12. Law school personal statement examples
  13. Choosing a legal career to bring change to society
  14. Entering law schools as my next step towards understanding the society
  15. How I have got an interest in law and became an applicant after my success in sports
  16. More good samples of a law school personal statement?

A personal statement is a regular type of essay for various law schools. If you want to impress the admissions committee, you have to apply extra efforts and compose the top-notch paper that highlights your personal and professional traits. Our guide is your assistant in how to obtain a personal statement for law school. We give essential practical tips that help to pick your styles and emphasize your academic work among other statements. It is a good way to explain your life story, describe your experience, tell about your achievements in college, uncover your individual strengths. In case you have no time at the moment (e.g. need to help your parents), just feel free to contact us and search for help from our top-level writers to obtain top-notch student personal statements and structure and topics for your applications (e.g., medical programs and other resources) with a proper admissions essay format.


Why is personal statement important?

You shouldn’t think that a personal statement is insignificant. This kind of essay is important for your future education in law school. Showing your abilities and unique traits to the admissions committee is crucial. Your LSAT or GPA score is not enough; they need something more for this student program. You have to be smarter than other applicants and have enough skills to start studying in law school. Therefore, this statement is a great opportunity to do this and fix some omissions in your application.


How to write a great personal statement for law school: Pro tips

First, explore your resources, time and program options. Not any student has felt the necessity to create this part of educational papers, especially during summer vacations. More importantly, If you want to graduate as a top-notch lawyer or advisor, you must be prepared for complex programs, specific practice, and other examples. Personal statements will help you to raise your voice in time and become solid in each your idea, your letters and ensuing careers options. To succeed in this field over the years and graduate with a high SAT score, you have to know about all aspects of this tricky task. Look at the diversity of our useful tips and student program samples and find assistance or even a good solution to an essential human question you probably had for too long.


Consider the requirements of the particular law school

This kind of paper is personal and emotional, but it has some peculiarities. Each law school has its rules and accepts only papers that match them. If you don’t know the exact number of words, topic preferences, style suggestions, and other items, you won’t be able to meet the demands of the committee in the particular law school.


Show your personality

A personal statement for a law school is emotional and exciting, but it shouldn’t sound like the next episodes of TV shows. Such academic-level papers must demonstrate other people who you are, and which aspirations motivate you to study in a legal field. Remember it is not easy to narrate a story that can influence your further careers. Try to demonstrate how passionate you are, why studying in a law school is your aim, why the admissions committee has to prefer your candidacy among other students.


A personal statement is not a resume

If you want to know how to write a personal statement for a law school, you can be sure that it is not the same as your resume. Many students make this mistake and provide another variation of their resumes. Don’t become one of them. You have to dig deeper to uncover your character, not only professional and life experiences.


How to Pick a Topic for a Law School Personal Statement?

Like any other essay, a personal statement starts with a proper topic. Picking a good theme can be the key factor in your success. We offer you the list of essential questions that will help you to decide what you need to narrate about.

  1. What were the most outstanding events that affected your life?
  2. What is the most exciting thing about your upbringing?
  3. Do you like physical activity; how it helps you to be productive?
  4. What are the most prominent achievements you ever had?
  5. Do you have a favorite book that has changed your attitude over time?
  6. How did you pick your professional sphere and why do you want to become a lawyer?
  7. What was the most exciting thing during your life in college?
  8. Do you have short-term and long term development goals, and why are they essential for you?
  9. What law areas are engaging to you and why?
  10. What your skills prove that you may study in a law school?

What you should include and avoid in a law school personal statement

The truth is that this kind of academic paper is versatile and may be focused on various life spheres. You may concentrate your attention on the background and upbringing or highlighting your professional achievements. Anyway, there are some acceptable and unacceptable things for such a level of student work. Let’s find out more information about these aspects.


Things to include into personal statements:

  • Prepare your statement for your audience. Remember that your readers are professors and admissions professionals. Try engaging them by making your work topical and attention-grabbing at.
  • Be simple and clear. People don’t like to read complex sentences that can’t give a clear understanding of the author’s vision. Develop the ability to be straightforward in your writing as well as in your future speeches in court.
  • Engage the readers. Your statement for law school must be vivid and memorable. Try to draw a picture of who you are and show it to your readers. Use attention-grabbing sentences in the introduction. This trick allows intriguing the reader and encourages to read the text to the very last paragraph.
  • Review your academic papers carefully. It is crucial to create a grammatically correct piece because illiterate text can spoil the impression in a few seconds.

Things to avoid in personal statements:

  • Don’t use legal jargon. It may seem like you want to brag about your special knowledge in the legal field. If you make mistakes, you will look silly.
  • Don’t use clichés or overused statements. People who read your statement and make a decision about your admission to a law school want to know you and your character.
  • Don’t be boring. It is not an essay where you provide bare facts about your upbringing, education, and professional goals. As we mentioned above, uniqueness is the key to success. It is not a resume; it is a short story about your life and ambitions that motivate you.
  • Don’t address your weaknesses. You shouldn’t explain some questionable things such as low grades. Use an addendum to do this and focus on positive things in your personal statement.

How long should a personal statement for law school be?

Requirements for such a kind of writing process might vary greatly for each legal institution you could apply to. Typically it ought to take between 200 and 500 words. But the main point is to introduce yourself as a human being properly. It is usually recommended to stay brief but concise, providing all necessary details but avoiding unimportant information, let alone any unneeded details that may disrupt your image as a future lawyer. So, the volume is not a primary requirement, but the quality and integrity of your description must be on an appropriate level.


Law school personal statement examples

Choosing a legal career to bring change to society

As a kid raised in a diversity neighborhood I’ve learned some important things in the early age: importance to respect others, necessity to support your friends and parents, and also the crucial role of education for community and environment. This gave me powerful motivation to improve my lifestyle, learn well, passing all school admissions, and to maintain good health. And it also has shaped my goal to obtain such a position in the following so that I could bring some real assistance to those who struggle against life hardships.

Choosing to pursue my career as an applicant in the legal field was not easy since I was interested in many other sciences and programs as a kid. However, I have now felt the great importance of law in international society’s life and its significant meaning for any person ‘s free progress and careers. Helping people better understand legal principles and practice of any part of the human community's existence and also to search for existing resources for improving their situation can get us rid of many challenges. That is why I want to obtain a degree in law and eventually become a successful and helpful pro in this new area.


Entering law schools as my next step towards understanding the society

After reading many books about social questions, I became interested in learning rules which the international human community used to abide throughout history. Eventually, this idea shaped my interest in law significantly and besides caused me to move my main focus towards legal literature topics.

At high school I have been working long to improve my grades since my 3rd year, being led by this interest in particular. As a result, I managed to graduate among 5 top students. Next part was to pick a proper college and I had some hard time to decide whether to choose social or political science, or law. Finally, I felt the importance of learning the legal principles forming the real foundation of human communities all over the world and decided to learn everything in law schools I need for that.

Applying to law school is a new and crucial step for me to find my path to the best possible knowledge about society and its inner processes. More importantly, I believe that this school program is the best place for me as an SAT applicant to obtain such an effective experience and to be free to build a top-notch career over years on an international scale.


How I have got an interest in law and became an applicant after my success in sports

In my early years, I was really passionate about sports, especially teamwork types, and later has been quite successful in various tournaments including baseball, swimming, and others. However, after one summer, I had to make a pause in active sports participation and to spend more time with natural, medical and social science. Here is when I took a new great interest in the law program. As sports has taught me earlier, it is crucial to abide rules and ensure others in your community also do that. Thus your team is led to its goals effectively, and leadership challenges can be met. Law plays a similar role in our history and that is why over years I chose it as my following career path with support from my parents.

Today the next most important step for me is looking to enter law schools so that I could search for full knowledge about the modern legal system and to complete my training in this field, among other options in my present menu. I have been preparing for these significant school admissions, applications, and letters for a while already and now looking forward to starting this new chapter of my education as an SAT applicant.


More good samples of a law school personal statement?

A personal statement for law school doesn’t have mandatory elements or strict rules. The primary purpose of this writing is to realize who the author is and why he deserves to study in a particular law school community. Don’t be afraid to raise your voice, address your character and uncover exciting facts about your life and experience. Ask yourself how to support a personal statement for applying to a law school or medical school admissions / student letters, and you will find the answer. Be sincere and let the readers know who you are.

A personal statement is a challenge, so give yourself enough time to compose a catchy applicant text that can impress the most demanding school admissions committee. Feel free to request our help with composing outstanding writing pieces.