A Complete Guide on How to Write UPenn Supplemental Essay

A Complete Guide on How to Write UPenn Supplemental Essay
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  1. A Complete Guide on How to Write UPenn Supplemental Essay
  2. What is the UPenn admissions essay?
  3. How to write a UPenn supplemental essay?
  4. UPenn supplemental essay examples
  5. Want to seek professional help from vetted writers?

The University of Pennsylvania, which is popularly known as Penn or UPenn, is one of the top educational institutions, established prior to the avowal of Independence of the US. Located in Philadelphia, this Ivy League member is amongst the most elite universities in the world. People from around the globe are attracted to UPenn, but getting admission here is highly competitive. Besides scoring good in undergraduate programs, you’ll also have to write a 400-500 word UPenn application essay, which is compulsory for all the applicants.

As the admission process is very stringent, you don’t want to take any chances to miss your shot of getting enrolled in this elite establishment. Essay writing is not easy, and the expectations from your paper are also massively high in order to stand a chance of getting through admissions here. If your thoughts are like "I need help with my admission essay" , let the professionals handle what they know best, so consider hiring an expert essay writing services to get a well-researched and winning piece. 

What is the UPenn admissions essay?

If you have applied at UPenn for any undergraduate program or a specialization course, just remember one thing, you are up against some serious competition. This is not to discourage you but to gently remind that you’ll have to write the best essay ever to make your application stand out from the others. In addition to an admission essay, the applicants must also write a common application or QuestBride application. Some universities offer a variety of topics for the essay, but UPenn only has one. The UPenn supplemental essay 2019-2020 topic is as follows: 

Why you are an apt choice for the undergraduate school you are applying for? The admission committee will also like to learn about how your unambiguous academic interest and knowledge will be explored at UPenn. 

How to write a UPenn supplemental essay? 

If you are applying to the University of Pennsylvania, it becomes important for you to understand the undergraduate school options to ensure that you are applying at the right school. There are four undergraduate schools which are as follows: 

  • School of Engineering 
  • School of Nursing 
  • The Wharton School 
  • College of Arts and Science 

Outlined below are a few invaluable tips to write an excellent supplemental essay: 

Research: In order to write a quality paper on the given topic, you’ll have to do lots of research and gather valuable information about the program you are applying for. Besides this, you should also talk about the assortment of majors offered by each program. You’ll also have to talk about the professors, specifics of the majors offered by a particular program, and course offering which excites you to join Penn. The basic idea behind the UPenn essays is to ascertain that you are not applying here only because it’s an elite establishment. This will allow the admissions committee to envisage if you are the right fit for the Ivy League institution. 

Consider the points mentioned below if you want to write a stellar UPenn application essay: 

  • Write in a realistic tone.
  • Sound genuinely excited in your writing.
  • Talk about how your program will help you resonate with your academic interests.
  • End with a brief on why you are actually interested in joining Penn. 

Before you start writing your essay, ensure that you read some Upenn supplemental essay sample as it can give you an idea of what is expected from you. 

UPenn supplemental essay examples 

While writing a UPenn admissions essay, select such a topic which you can relate it to the program you are going to join. Outlined below are a few examples which can give you a brief idea of how to get started. 

  • I want to utilize my knowledge I amassed at UPenn school of engineering and develop solar panels and cleaning robots at affordable rates. 
  • I want to work on reducing the cost of production for the important green technology by (joining a specific program at Upenn). 

What makes a specific program at Penn the perfect choice for your ambitions and academic interest? The admissions committee wants to hear this from you, so write a clear and to the point essay which can make then feel that you can contribute to the program you selected. 

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