How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Grad School

How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Grad School
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Grad School
  2. How to make an admissions committee vote for you?
  3. Secret #1 - Understand college/ university values
  4. Secret #2 - Tell about your talents and hobbies
  5. Secret #3 - Understand the purpose of writing
  6. Secret #4 - Tell a story
  7. Secret #5 - Reveal what your academic achievements cannot show
  8. Secret #6 - Show how you can make a university campus better
  9. DOs and DON’Ts at statement of purpose writing

You may have good grades, but there is still the risk of your application to Harvard being rejected. Even the best points for the application test cannot make you a Stanford student. This is what happens to those applicants who underprice the importance of the statement of purpose. Ivy League admissions officers say that a statement of purpose is the most memorable part of all the documents you submit for admission. This piece of writing introduces you as a person and shows who you really are.

Thousands of applicants may have the same grades, and it is the essay that sets you apart and reveals your personality. The paper shows how you can submit yourself, analyze information, communicate with other people in writing. A statement of purpose is the most flexible tool that you can use in your application package of documents. Here, you can explain the purpose of higher education and your plans for the future - all that can convince the commission that you are exactly the student they are looking for.

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How to make an admissions committee vote for you?

Since a statement of purpose is not a templated paper of a standard format and structure, there are no clear rules that you have to meet in order to turn your writing into 100% success. It is not an essay structure that matters here; instead, personalized paper content is of highly importance. So take your time to think over what you are going to write about and what information will do you good.

Secret #1 - Understand college/ university values

It is important for each university to know that the future student shares their moral principles, culture, and values. Google, look for information on university forums, talk to other students. What is important for the teaching staff of your chosen university? Maybe greater attention is paid to sports achievements, or is it better to write about some social projects you have taken part in?

Be sure to write down what role you assign to yourself in the development of the university. Thus, you will show that you are interested in entering here and are not too lazy to learn more about the future alma mater.

Secret #2 - Tell about your talents and hobbies

You may have a talent for music, know five foreign languages, or even be the school’s fastest runner. Be that as it may, you will definitely find several talents that you can be proud of. Do not be shy - write about your skills and achievements. They will definitely add value to your application.

Secret #3 - Understand the purpose of writing

It may sound corny, but many graduates do not know why it is necessary to write a statement of purpose and simply duplicate their grad resume or copy-paste the information found on the Internet. This is not how it is supposed to work. In your statement of purpose, you should sincerely talk about the facts of your life that you are proud of and that can make you stand out.

Secret #4 - Tell a story

You are unique. Of course, there is something in common between all students applying to the same university, but how do you expect to stand out from the crowd of your competitors if you use template phrases like a “quick learner,” “socially active,” “purposeful?” In order to be remembered by the admissions committee, you should tell your story. Commission members read hundreds of essays every day, so your mission is to strike a nerve.

Applying to a Software Engineering program? Here is how to write a personal statement of this type.

Secret #5 - Reveal what your academic achievements cannot show

Are you a cool headman or a student government president? Do you organize parties and camping trips for friends? Or maybe you help at a local orphanage on weekends? Write about those aspects of your life that are not in the statement of ratings but characterize you as a good person. Even if you cannot boast of excellent academic performance in some fields, show your colorful inner world, write about your dreams and ambitions.

Secret #6 - Show how you can make a university campus better

The safety of the educational process and the friendly atmosphere are always important. But that is not all! Do you have any ideas on how you can integrate into campus life? Develop a new student dormitory project or engage in quality control of food in the dining room. Realize yourself to the fullest, become useful, and prove it to decision-makers. This will clearly show the commission what kind of person they are dealing with, no matter if you are delivering a pharmacy or dental school personal statement.

DOs and DON’Ts at statement of purpose writing

You may sometimes have a good idea about the content to cover in your admission essay; the paper may sound effective and memorable in your head. Even your dog may look impressed when you read your statement of purpose out loud. However, a small mistake can ruin the entire success pyramid. For this not to happen, there are some helpful hints that will reduce the risk of failure:

  • Dedicate enough time for statement of purpose writing. Do not write fast, approach the task step-by-step, and give yourself some time to refresh your mind when you lack writing inspiration. As a result, you should get a sustained quintessence of thoughts that sound effective and persuasive;
  • Read examples of brilliant admission essays. Think about the tricks and writing approaches used in the samples to improve your writing;
  • Do not exceed the volume. The optimal length of the statement of purpose is 250-500 words, so your essay should take no more than 1 page;
  • Be sure to proofread your essay and fix all the errors/ inaccuracies in it (if any). There should be nothing to spoil the reader’s impression of your work;
  • Make every word work for you. No need to tell how your mother believes in you or how the professor praises you. Write about yourself, your achievements, goals, and ambitions.

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There are a couple of things that the admissions committee will hardly like. So make sure that you do not make the common mistakes:

  • Answer questions only in general terms;
  • Write negative comments (for example, about a former teacher or school);
  • Provide a general summary of your achievements or courses;
  • Use complex words that you’re not sure of;
  • Exceed the word limit.

Remember, a motivation letter is one page of text that you write for six months and that can become your let-pass to the best universities in the world. So use this tool as your main weapon.