What Kind of Jobs for College Students Can Help You Make Money?

What Kind of Jobs for College Students Can Help You Make Money?
Table of Contents
  1. What Kind of Jobs for College Students Can Help You Make Money?
  2. Jobs Ideal for College Students - Pick the Best One
  3. Babysitter
  4. Library Monitor
  5. Tour Guide
  6. Barista
  7. The Assistant of Your Teacher
  8. Cosmetic Products Distributor
  9. Driver
  10. Tech Support Specialist
  11. Fitness Coach

Not every student can sponge on their parents for a living. Therefore, they need to build a well-balanced schedule, allowing them to visit lectures, do homework and be engaged in half-time employment. Simply put, academicians eager to find part-time jobs. Some SAT essay writing may be harder to deal with than working on a job. You might understand that jobs for college students offer great opportunities to them. When working, students not only support themselves but also gain absolutely new experience in various areas. These skills will help them build up their future career.

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They learn to mix with people, carry out responsibility and value their time. Besides, they work only a few hours per day (3-4). To gain employment, there is no need to go anywhere. You just need to do the following:

  1. make an online search and pick the most appropriate vacancies
  2. send an email with your resume
  3. meet your potential employers personally.

Nevertheless, not all school or college students understand what area to choose. The primary aim of the review is to guide you through the best jobs for college students. Mayhap, these tips will help you finally make the right choice.

Jobs Ideal for College Students - Pick the Best One

We all are different. Therefore, one and the same position can’t be perfect for every person. However, you should keep in mind that some jobs for colleges are flexible. It means that you can even get ready for future classes when you aren’t too busy. Our insightful review is focused on the best positions you can apply for.


Have younger siblings? In all likelihood, you understand how to behave with kids. Your daily schedule will be flexible. When your services are needed, parents will get in touch with you. However, you should be ready to work on weekends too. An average salary of a babysitter in the USA is $14 per hour. If you adore children, it will help make some money. Mayhap, such experience will help you create a top-notch medical paper, allowing you to obtain a diploma in the future.

Library Monitor

Before we move on to the description of the next position in greater detail, we wish to mention that statistically, college students who have part-time employment study better. When you work as a library monitor, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • learn anything new 
  • read books, magazines or encyclopedias
  • start getting ready for your future exams or write a law school essay
  • meet new friends.

Your responsibility is to monitor seminar rooms to ensure the atmosphere is quiet. This type of occupation is very easy. Furthermore, you have a few hours to do what you want.

Tour Guide

The list of jobs ideal for college students is wide, but is one of the best positions. If you study at a prestigious university and your campus is too big, you can work as a tour guide for applicants. The service is in demand among those who came to your campus for the first time and want to get to know it better. Your objective is to organize informative and engaging campus tours. To obtain employment, you need to go to the admissions office and ask them whether they have free vacancies. The greatest benefit of the employment is that there’s no need to go anywhere and leave your campus.


This employment is for those who like parties and hate loneliness. By the way, this college job allows you to meet new friends. Besides, it is so easy to find it. Any college campus is overloaded with different coffee shops. You just need to send your resume to different cafes and wait until you get a job invitation letter. Commonly, this occupation involves taking orders and serving customers.

The Assistant of Your Teacher

This position is only for graduates. Frequently, teachers need assistants, who will help them with freshmen. You will help them adapt to new conditions faster. Besides, you’ll explain how to write a personal statement, essay, book review or any other academic task to them. Of course, your responsibilities are less formal but you will be closer to your tutor. To start working, you just need to get in touch with the teachers from the freshman year. Don’t be ashamed of asking them about this occupation. Statistically, more active graduates have more chances to work as tutor assistants.

Cosmetic Products Distributor

Seems like you have already seen people selling products manufactured by Avon, Mary Kay or Herbalife around your campus. You can be one of them! You’ll easily find a company requiring proactive specialists. You’ll get paid to promot their products. Besides, your monthly salary can be very high. If you are a communicative person who has the gift of the gab, any job related to sales is exactly what you need! Besides, this experience will help you start your own business in the future.


Do you have a driving licence? It is high time to try your hand at driving. The average salary of these employees is $15 per hour. However, in some American states, you must have a special license (if you are going to be engaged in the area of professional transportation).

Tech Support Specialist

It’s a good idea to work as a tech support specialist if you are a tech-savvy user. Every higher educational establishment has a tech support team. You can be one of them! To obtain employment, you just need to check with the office of student employment for a free vacancy. The schedules are commonly staggering. Therefore, it is easy to create a convenient schedule for you.

Fitness Coach

If you embrace a healthy lifestyle and spend your days at a fitness center, why not start making money on this? Generally, gyms require professional staff and you can be a member of their team. You have a fair opportunity to combine this job with lectures at the university. If you don’t have spare time to do your tasks, you can ask this service to help you.

Simply put, the choice of jobs for college students is really wide. You just need to have a desire to start working and choose the best occupation for yourself.